The Montessori method gives the child "Inner World" and "Outer Work" , Both of which he needs in his efforts to grow and develop into an adult. It develops his will, his intellect, and his motor control, separately and together.His senses become efficient servants of the intelligence apart from supplying all experiences. These experiences are the raw materials for shaping his personality. He has oppurtunity for intelligence to focus on the use of his senses. It gives him strong foundation in mathematics and language. it gives him ability to work, and helps him to be a responsible person. The real sense of the term 'Social Interaction' is seen in a Montessori House of Children.

- Our Mission

Green Park Little Kingdom Montessori School, as a school which espouses the Montessori philosophy, strives to nurture and develop the unique talents of its students; to value their diversity and support their growth towards becoming independent, considerate, informed, and active young people who will use their talents responsibily and work towards the creation of better, more peaceful world.

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Nov 12, 2016


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Nov 4, 2016


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Sept 21, 2016


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